Too Much Sun?
Get Much More
Than Aloe®

SunBurnt immediately cools,
soothes and rehydrates
hot, dry sunburned skin

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Sun Recovery is Much More Than Aloe®

When you get too much sun, get Much More Than Aloe® for your face and body. SunBurnt’s unique after sun products combine some of Nature’s best hydrating and skin nourishing ingredients like Aloe, Calendula, Echinacea, Cucumber and more to immediately cool, soothe, rehydrate and nourish hot, dry skin after a day at the beach, swimming pool or backyard.


Check out our unique products and get cooling, soothing sunburn relief!

SunBurnt After-Sun


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After-Sun Lotion


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Hydrating Face Mask


People who try SunBurnt love it!

I will never use another product on myself or anyone in my family. This is by far the best product I have ever used for sunburns!! I have never had such a quick recovery time. I was severely burnt and red...This is a miracle working sun burn gel! Also, it absorbs great and quickly, it doesnt leave a mess!!!

Heather, CA

I had the worst sunburn of my life this past summer and I saw this product on the shelf at walmart. I figured I would give it a shot. It lived up to every claim made on the bottle and dramatically helped with the pain and discomfort of the sunburn. I feel like it helped speed the healing process as well. This is an amazing product and I will definetly use it again. It was better than just aloe, didn't have that tacky, sticky feel and it didn't sting putting it on. Highly recommend this product.

Kayla, MI

My daughter and I are both fair skinned and very prone to sunburn and having moved to Florida we get at least 1 burn a year even with sunscreen. Sunburnt is the only thing we have tried that is actually not an inconvenience (not sticky, doesn't sting or smell) to use AND it actually works! I will never buy another sunburn care or after sun product again!

Trish, FL

I was severely sunburned last summer and regular aloe gel was not helping. Went to walmart looking for something else and i found Sunburnt, such a life saver! Absolutely love this product, I will never use anything else for sunburns. We even use it as a lotion for really dry skin!

Ashley, CO