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Made from Mother Nature’s best hydrating and healing ingredients for your skin, SunBurnt Advanced After-Sun Gel offers so much more than aloe alone.  Not only is SunBurnt a non-sticky, non-drying and immediately soothing formula, it actually helps your skin recover from your time in the sun.

Helps heal sunburned skin

Helps heal sunburned skin


Immediately cools and rehydrates skin

Helps reduce redness

Reduces redness, itching & peeling

Safe and gentle for the whole family

Whether you’re relaxing with the sand beneath your toes, grilling up some steaks in the backyard, or cooling off by the pool, it’s easy to get a little too much sun. When you have dry, overheated skin, you need a sunburn treatment that does more. Keep SunBurnt in your bag or cooler and enjoy your time in the sun!

"Recently, my wife, son and I went to Maui. On a dive trip to Molokini, we got a bit burned on the boat over to the dive site. I had some SunBurnt with me and we used it immeditately. It was amazing, the pain went away immediately. There was one experience that was even more amazing. I applied the SunBurnt to all parts that were burned except the area on the back of my neck - I simply forgot. Interestingly, the only part of my body that peeled was…the back of my neck."

− David C., California

"I spend quite a few hours in the sun while training for marathons throughout the year. It can be impossible to reapply sunblock during the long training runs and I often end up with a red and painful face from the sun and wind. I apply SunBurnt after my shower and it cools and soothes my face without feeling sticky, greasy, or smelling like medicine. Thanks for such a great product!"

− Andrea B., Ohio

"I am a Lifeguard at my local waterpark and as usual I am in the sun for at least 5 hours a day sometimes more. We are required to wear sunscreen but sometimes it just doesn't help. Discovering SunBurnt Gel has really helped not only with me but all my fellow lifeguards. We all love this stuff but not just for the relief and the reduced peeling, but for helping us heal!

− Dillon D, Idaho